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VICTGOAL Diving Suits Long Sleeve Wetsuit Men Women Full Body

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  • 90% neoprene+10% nylon
  • MEN 3MM--3mm high quality CR neoprene surfing full wetsuit with back zipper for mens, made of 90% neoprene+10% nylon.The neoprene fabric has good thermal insulation properties,and the fabric is soft and skin-friendly. The mens one piece wetsuit for diving can keep your body's warm in 62°f-68°f water.Even if you stay in the water for a long time,you won't feel cold and give you plenty of warmth. Let you be fearless and move forward courageously.


  • WARMTH UPGRADE--Men's black full wetsuit for water sports is made of cr fabric on the front and back.Compared with neoprene fabric,cr fabric has better water and wind resistance,reduces water and wind entry the mens snorkeling suits,and has better warmth retention.Ensure the enough temperature of the core part of the body.The warm and upgraded men's diving suit meets the needs of people staying in the water for a long time.


  • FLEXIBLE AND DURABLE MENS WETSUIT--The fabric of the mens thermal full wetsuit has four-way elasticity, good flexibility and resilience, it is not easy to deform the kayaking suit.Even if you have fat on your abdomen,you can easily control this adult full suit for mens.The young mens wetsuit with long sleeves can perfectly fit your skin but not tight and comfortable.The nylon fabric in the composite fabric increases the wear resistance of the neoprene wetsuit.
  • PROTECTIVE AND BUOYANCY--Men's full-body diving suit has good protection.The thickness of 3mm forms a protective film outside the skin,which can effectively reduce the damage to the skin when the body collides with foreign objects.The surf suit in cold water is buoyant.When you wear this wetsuit to dive into the water,it will provide you with a certain amount of buoyancy, allowing you to maintain balance in the water and save energy.


  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL MEN'S WETSUIT--Men's long wading wet suits with a wide range of uses.Our men's full-body cover kitesurfing suits are suitable for various basic water sports in autumn and winter,such as surfing,diving,boating,rafting,etc.In addition to the 3mm thick wetsuits,we also have the same 2/3mm,3/4mm thick men's wetsuits.Please purchase according to your needs.

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