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FOLDABLE ELECTRIC BIKE 7 SPEED Magnesium Alloy Rim 48V 10.4AH 350W

FOLDABLE ELECTRIC BIKE 7 SPEED Magnesium Alloy Rim 48V 10.4AH 350W

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Whether you are cruising to work or going on an adventure -this folding mini electric bike is perfect for you.

With 350W high speed motor and 48V 10.4A long range battery, thoroughly enjoy your city with an effortless ride anytime and anywhere.




Standard (7S, Magnesium rim, 48V10.4AH, 350W, LCD)
Frame:20"Aluminum alloy folding frame
Front fork: suspension fork
Battery: 48V10.4AH lithium battery
Motor: 350W High speed brushless gear motor
Derailleur: SHIMANO 7 Speed
Meter:  LCD meter
Driving Mode: Electrical & PAS
Brake: Mechanical disc brake
Seat tube: Shock seat tube
Tires: 20"*1.95" CHAOYANG tires
Rim: Magnesium Alloy rim (Twelve lines)
Mudplate: PVC Mudplate
Rear carrier: Steel rear carrier with tail lights
Option: USB 2.0 Mobile phone charging
Package: 132*24*64cm, 30kgs




Turn on or off the bike,Keep track of your speed, pedal assist level and battery, with this perfectly placed LCD screen. Located on the handlebars of your folding e bike this easily viewable.


Permanent magnet synchronous high-speed motor with brushless power system, output 50 torque and strong power.Power your life with max speed 25~30kmh; Enjoy effortless riding experience even at 15 degrees uphill.Explore your city with Reliable power and ultimate comfort.
Excited to introduce the 18650 high-performance car grade battery to you! Insured by CPIC and its 48V 10.4Ah stable and strong output, a longer and safer trip that takes you up to 30~60 miles on a single charge is within your reach. Feel your city with a simple, comfortable, and reliable ride.

With five levels of pedal assist, getting yourself anywhere on the folding electric bicycle can be as much of, or as easy, a workout as you want. If you need that little extra boost to get you home, or just want to enjoy the scenery, then the throttle function will take care of powering you along.

5. Packing List
  • It is 85% pre-assembled when you receive it.
  • We can also provide technical guides to help you solve common cycling problems.
  • All bikes comes with a whole set of tool to help you build up the bike easily and quickly.
  • Packing list :
  • 1 x Electric Moped Bicycle
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Tool
  • 1 x User Manual

Brand Story

 In the vast realm of cycling, a visionary team of passionate cyclists came together to create a brand that would revolutionize the industry. We recognized the need for a cycling equipments that not only excelled in performance and quality but also embraced a deep commitment to environmental protection, sustainable development, a low-carbon & health lifestyle.


To Make A Positive Impact On The World, One Pedal Stroke At A Time.


Our brand story begins with a profound respect for the Earth's delicate ecosystems. We understand that the beauty of cycling lies in the harmony between humans and nature.From day one, we made a solemn vow to prioritize environmental protection in everything we do.


To Make A Better World And Planet

To fulfill this promise, we carefully select eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes for our bicycle helmets. We have forged strong partnerships with suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability. Our helmets are crafted from recycled materials, ensuring that valuable resources are given a second life instead of being discarded. By utilizing renewable energy sources throughout our production chain, we strive to minimize energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions.

However, our brand is not solely focused on environmental protection; we also have a deep appreciation for the well-being of our customers. We believe that a low-carbon lifestyle and health and fitness go hand in hand. Our bicycle helmets are not just protective gear; they are designed to inspire and empower individuals to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle.


Younger Generation Means Everything

But our dedication to the environment doesn't stop there. We actively support organizations and initiatives that champion conservation efforts and promote sustainable cycling practices. Through sponsorships and partnerships, we collaborate with events that prioritize eco-friendly practices, inspiring cyclists to adopt a greener lifestyle and raising awareness about the importance of preserving our planet for future generations.

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Beyond our products, we aim to foster a cycling community that encourages physical fitness and mental well-being. We organize group rides, charity events, and educational programs to promote a culture of inclusivity and camaraderie. By supporting and engaging with our customers, we strive to create a positive impact on their lives, empowering them to achieve their health and fitness goals.

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